DVD Now Insert this way Sticker

The DVDNow Insert this way Sticker is an important piece of the dvd kiosk operating process. This piece of foil assures that the dvd or blu ray disk is inserted into the kiosk in a fashion that will allow the viewing of the dvd case spine. As the spine of the case is normally where the name of the movie appears, this is important to the kiosk user. One of the best sales tools of the DVDNow kiosk is the glass face. In short order the user can see what disks are in stock and which disks are out of stock. But, the user needs to be able to read the title shown on the spine of the case. This is where the DVD Insert this way Sticker comes in. The kiosk has sensors that will insure the open side of the case is the side that goes in first.

Standard Shipping on Labels of either quantity is approximately $7.00
As these are custom made the normal ordering process is not as simple os placing the order
and having it delivered.

Please contact me before ordering as I need to get a large quantity to secure the best pricing.
A large quantity is normally accomplished by coordinating with other kiosk owner/operators
to pool resources and place a group order.





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